selfdirect ASO 10 Amazing Aso Services Strategy. Hacks

10 Amazing Aso Services Strategy. Hacks

I highly recommend this to anyone who likes to have a place to write out their thoughts or to just take notes loosely and then come back to it later to refine. Also, I like that I have the choice to lock out this application so others cannot see the things I have journaled. I downloaded a ton of these secure, password protected notebook/ notes and this was the best, most easy to use, straightforward app. It’s basically apple notes with a password. So I decided to support the developer and buy the full version. However, I am not giving it 5 stars because it has room for improvement. While I enjoy the simplicity, I would love to have a few more options like change of color background/skin and different fonts aso services strategy.

This is a great app, I especially love the fact that I can set the option to never require the password when opening the app. I am constantly using the note app every day so I am opening and closing it constantly, at least 8 times a day, so it’s nice not to have to put the password in every time. That’s the only reason I bought the full version! Lol…I also love how I can adjust the font size. This app is so much nicer than the default note app that comes with the iPhone. Oh, and I also love the red color, which happens to be my favorite color. It would be pretty cool to be able to change to other colors as well, but that’s ok. I still love it the way it is. Oh, and as for the dunce that was complaining about how he/she hates the app because all of the notes have the same name of “New Note” and they can’t change it, all you have to do is tap on “New Note” and it lets you edit the name! Seriously, did they really think someone would make a note app that wouldn’t let you change the note name? Some people are just too stupid to be breathing the same air as the rest of us app search optimization company.

Now yes this app is great I have been using it since the developers created this thing but now the new update does not allow you to for example download back your pic into your phone or photo file I personally need it please put back that option please. All my photos are backed up yes but I delete them regularly from my photo files in order for my phone to have space and hen when I need a photo I just go to Degoo and download from there back into my photo files but now I can’t do it and I feel so bad that I have to screen shot my pics and save them and then edit app store optimization packages. Please put back the download option please. Please pretty please!!! Thanks you

I have tried many apps but Degoo has been the most user friendly app for anyone and everyone who is new to this. The app practically guides you to do whatever it is that you need to do. One more aspect of the app is rewarding you with more space for referring other users. But frankly even if there was no reward I would refer people I know to use the app because if you have Degoo any device you buy does not have to have much Internal Storage, all they would need is a good internet connection and of course a Degoo app. Thanks to all the developers of this app for such an awesome app.

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