App Store Optimization ASO is the process of optimizing mobile apps and games to maximize visibility and improve the conversion rate to install. To get accurate performance estimates for nearly 3+ millions apps in 150+ countries. To make data driven decisions Android ASO must be applied to optimize your ASO app strategy.

  This Android ASO plays a major role in ultimate success of Android Apps in Google play store. This process is also called “Play Store Optimization”. Android users have the huge choice to choose apps, as it has 4.5 million apps available through the Google Play Store.

  Some process that acts as a main strategy to optimize Android ASO  (App Store Optimization) apps on Google Play Store in order to improve the visibility and boost organic downloads. The 3 important process are as follows

  • Market Research keywords.
  • Play Store optimization and App testing
  • Tracking apps

Market Research keywords

Firstly target your audience needs based on the keyword Research. Choose appropriate keywords for your content marketing to rank higher. The higher the search volume for a given keyword the more work is required to achieve higher rankings. It’s wonderful to deal with Long-tail keywords. As nearly 70% of the queries long tail. As it has less volume of traffic and less competition, many different combinations of long-tail keywords are possible to cover a big area search queries related to your product. This way, you will expand your outreach and maximize your visibility in market keyword search. 

Play Store optimization and app testing

Play Store optimization mainly is based on On-metadata and off-meta data

  • On-metadata

The data such as title, description, developer name, icon, screenshot, graphics etc. which are fully controlled by developers are called On-metadata

  • Off-metadata

The data such as app installs volume, user ratings and reviews etc. which are not controlled by developers but can be influenced by them are called Off-metadata

Some of these factors don’t really help in conversion of apps to download so it can be increased by testing.

  • Testing: 

Testing helps to compare different versions of apps and list the better conversion of downloads or installs. Android app store optimization service has its own testing tool that integrates with the app Developer and helps to increase performance and conversion rate.

 Tracking the apps

The ideal regular tracking increases the number of downloads. Remove the non performing keywords because Overall or categorized keyword ratings and reviews will also increase conversion rate. A good user review improves the overall rating of the app. Reply to the users reviews as it builds trust and improves the conversion rate to install. It’s favorable for search Android ASO, as Google ranks higher the apps

As you see App Store Optimization is an essential strategy for mobile Android ASO businesses, and a great solution to maximize visibility, search rankings, conversion rate for more organic installs. App Store Optimization is the key to mobile business. Without Android ASO it will be really hard to get the result you expect, both in terms of ranking and discoverability. 


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