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Winter Skin SOS: How To Customize Your Winter Skincare?

When one talks about winter, it is more like reminiscing on such moments as those snow laden scenes and spending a warm evening next to the fireplace. On the other hand, it comes along with some associated difficulties to our skin. Our overall & facial skin becomes so dry, craving, and irritable due to the cold temperature and less humidity in the environment This is why you need to have a unique skincare regimen during winter. This article looks at how you can personalize your skincare routine to combat the skin problems which winter brings.

How Winter Affects Your Skin?

It’s important to understand how cold impacts your skin before you move into personalizing. Several factors contribute to the seasonal change in skin conditions:

  • Low Humidity: Since cold air has low humidity while indoor heating is reduced; these two are capable of lowering the humidity inside the house. The dry atmosphere can deprive you of hydration and cause your skin to become dry.
  • Harsh Weather: The stripping off of your skin’s natural oils by biting wind, rain, or snow damages your skin’s protective barrier. That results in making your skin more susceptible to irritants.
  • Hot Showers: Although they seem good, hot showers can worsen problems with winter skin. It has the ability to remove your skin’s natural oil leaving it dry and very sensitive.
  • Irritants: Scarfs, hats, or masks could cause rubbing or aggravated skin. Cold and flu prevention requires frequent hand washing but can also lead to cracked and drying up of one’s hands.

Prioritize Hydration

  • Switch from lighter, summer creams to heavier and richer ones. Go for moisturizing and strengthening ingredients when choosing your skincare ingredients. Consider ingredients like hyaluronic acid, glycerin, and ceramides.
  • You should also think about putting in some hydrating serums on your routine. Such products are crucial at replenishing lost moisture in the skin and give you that supple look. It would also be important to have healthy food that makes your skin moisturized from the inside out.

Gentler Cleansing

  • Choose a hydrating sulfate-free cleanser which will not take away all moisture from your skin. Mild options for removing makeup and impurities include using cleansing oils or micellar water.
  • Do not excessively cleanse; a daily evening wash for your face is usually enough. Washing your skin too much will lead to stripping and only make your dryness worse.

Lip Care

  • Always carry an adequate nurturing lip balm with you and apply it religiously in order to avoid this. Check the ingredients such as beeswax, shea butter with vitamin E in Lip Balms. 
  • You may also exfoliate your lips by giving them a light scrub to get rid of the dead skin allowing the effectiveness of the lip balm you are using.

Sunscreen is Essential

Dangerous UVA rays travel through clouds and can reach the skin even when it is snowing or cloudy. That is why do not forget to put on sunscreens at uncovered places especially face and hand parts.

Be Mindful of Exfoliation

  • Exfoliating must be undertaken with caution during the winter season. In addition, over exfoliation may lead to exacerbation of dryness and sensitivity. 
  • Cut it down to two or three times per week instead of every day. Light exfoliation of your skin helps in removing the dead skin cells, leaving behind healthy cell regrowth.

Use Humidifiers

The use of a humidifier helps in fighting winter dryness by adding moisture to the air. Put one in your bedroom for better sleeping comfort of your skin.

Listen to Your Skin

  • Knowing what your skin needs is essential as you customize your winter skincare. Watch carefully the reaction of your skin to different cosmetic & food products and change them accordingly. 
  • However, not sure about what is good for your skin type? Consult a dermatologist for individual attention. An expert diagnosis will indicate which skincare you should follow, which diet and how to improve lifestyle.

Winter need not necessarily imply that your skin enjoys too! A good skincare routine should be tailored with a focus on addressing the new wrinkles that come with summer and protecting the skin against dryness and harsh winds that come with chilly winters.