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Way to get more real and unique rating in 2020

Hello developers. We hope that 2017 was an extremely successful year for you. This year we saw so many new apps emerging at the top of the charts. The common thing about these apps were that each app had something unique to offer. Another yet noticeable thing was the design factor. Every top performing app had an easy to approach UI and an elegant design to catch user attention. 

Now, there are so many approaches to an app design and we know every developer has its own way. App development in undoubtedly tough but what’s more difficult is making people download your app. 

Significance of App Ratings

This is where app ratings come in picture. Your app rating is a measure of your app’s performance. The more the rating, the better your app is and the higher it will be in the app charts. If you wish your app to reach the top of the charts, then you should work on improving your android app ratings. 

The Problem?

But what are the issues that you might face? Let us break this down. The first and foremost thing is the competition. There are so many apps for a common feature which results in a fierce competition. Apart from new players, the app market is already ruled by top firms and to come to top, you need to match their standards and perform better than them in all aspects. 

The next thing is the drawback of being a new player in the app market. Being a newbie, very less people know about your app and even if they know, the trust factor is quite low. 

Another thing is that even if people download your app, they don’t usually review your app. Let’s face it. No one takes out time to write reviews and rate your app. 

The Solution 

The first two can be solved by pre-marketing strategies and by following a strong ad campaign. Coming to the third, there are many ways. But for the new year, we are gonna suggest you the most effective way to get more real and unique rating. 

Yes, buy android ratings. You read it right. By hiring freelancers and paying them to give good user ratings, you can get unique ratings for your app. Another option that you can look forward to is: App review websites. These websites have customized plan for you to take care of your app ratings and review demands. Upon selecting the plan in your budget, you can get an unique rating for your app.

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