selfdirect finance Why Are Upi Payments Getting More And More Common?

Why Are Upi Payments Getting More And More Common?

BHIM UPI payments have become the most common and preferred payment method in the country. Ever since the introduction of the UPI apps, common people, businesses, and even some companies have started using them to take care of all payment-related tasks. But what made these apps so popular? Why is the whole country using them on a daily basis? This article will answer such questions.

Features that make online UPI apps so popular in India:


As long as you have a smartphone, you can use these apps. Adding to that, since almost every other person uses an online UPI app, you can make payments through the app. Be it sending money to friends or buying groceries at the local shop, all the payments can be handled through UPI. The best part is that these apps allow you to transfer money to a person’s bank account as well. This means if a person doesn’t have a UPI app, you can still send money to them through UPI. 


The common people have a few reservations about using online payments, especially for security reasons. Thankfully, when you make an online UPI payment, your bank account details are never shared with the merchant or the person you’re sending money to. Instead, a unique UPI ID is used for the transaction, ensuring your sensitive information remains safe. Additionally, UPI apps use advanced encryption and authentication measures to protect your data and prevent unauthorized access.

Fast & Reliable

The payments are lightning-fast, and the interface is fairly easy to use. Even a person who struggles with technology can learn to use a payment UPI app in a few attempts. You no longer have to go through your wallet to find the exact change everywhere. Scan the QR code, enter the amount, add your PIN, and you are done. 


The rewards system was one of the most attractive features that attracted more people to use UPI apps. People were fascinated by the concept of being rewarded while making regular payments. These rewards are in the form of cashback or other discount coupons that can be used to purchase items from popular brands. 

All-in-one solutions

These apps are not limited to peer-to-peer payments; you can use them to recharge your phone, pay your TV subscriptions, and more. You can also pay your electricity and gas bills from the comfort of your home. You no longer have to wait in lines to pay your bills or to make other important monthly payments. 


UPI payments are becoming increasingly common in India due to their high level of security, fast and reliable transactions, attractive rewards and cashback offers, and the convenience of having an all-in-one solution for various financial services. As more people discover the benefits of UPI apps, their popularity is expected to continue growing, making digital payments even more accessible and convenient for everyone. If you are yet to start the UPI payments journey, you better hurry up and hop on board; there are a lot more exciting features that can be introduced in the future.

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