selfdirect Food & Drink Smart Strategies For Healthier Grocery Shopping Online

Smart Strategies For Healthier Grocery Shopping Online

Tempting, isn’t it? To scroll through the abundance of choices available—chips, cookies, vegan ice cream, cold fizzy drinks—and not make impulsive, unhealthy decisions. Living in a post-pandemic world, surviving social distancing while cooped up in our own homes has led to a few new changes such as online food delivery that have made life just more convenient and easy.

While walking down aisles and visiting a grocery store can always be fun, switching to online grocery shopping apps has been an effortless choice. Choosing your preferred groceries from your office, your commute back home, or while you relax on your couch at home has become a much more practical lifestyle.

Making healthy choices can still be quite difficult for many people. However, with a few simple strategies, transform your grocery delivery and shopping experience into one that is efficient and beneficial for you.

  • Plan ahead: Quick 20-minute meals, meal planning – we’ve all heard those fancy words thrown around on our social media pages. Taking some time to plan your meals for the week always helps. Avoid impulsive, unhealthy purchases on Lulu shopping app by keeping nutritious food options on hand instead. Create a list according to your meal plan and stick to it as much as possible.
  • Reading labels: If a healthy option like yogurt can be pumped with sugar, what are we to say about the unhealthy ones? Reading labels and having basic knowledge about ingredients has become an essential part of your grocery shopping. Cheap, packaged foods do make themselves very tempting, but are they really worth it in the long run?

An example would be to go for whole grains like quinoa and brown rice rather than refined grains like white rice and pasta.

  • Stock up: Save money, reduce packaging waste, and limit any impulse buys by shopping in bulk. There are always offers and rewards when it comes to buying from the bulk section of the grocery store or app. Take inventory of what you need and be mindful of food wastage when you shop or get home delivery.
  • There’s always room for more: Don’t sweat now – we are not asking you to turn to bland, tasteless, super organic food. With a healthy, balanced diet, there will always be room for your favorite foods. The point isn’t to completely cut off and avoid junk food like chips, cookies, or ice cream – but to prioritize nutrient-rich foods that leave you feeling good and full. Give your body the minerals & vitamins it needs to thrive and be productive, healthy, and strong. 
  • Still tempted? Honestly, we get it. You come home tired and have worked to your limit; no one would want nuts or pumpkin seeds as a snack. Even the thought of cheese puffs and ice cream seems so tempting, instantly bringing water to your mouth. Switching over to fruit or a healthy drink will definitely feel like the hardest choice, but being committed to your health goals is not for the weak. If a particular item tempts you, take a moment to consider whether it aligns with your health goals before adding it to your cart. 

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be complicated, especially when you can download an app, click a few buttons, and receive your groceries in record time. Try applying some of these tips the next time you shop – the next thing you know, you’re a healthy grocery shopping pro.

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