selfdirect App reviews Best way to improve our app rating………….

Best way to improve our app rating………….


Applications are rated by customers or users. App rating indicates the worthiness of app. It clearly shows how people think about a particular app. App ratings are personal given judgement in the form of star which suggest how people think of an app whom they rate. 90% users prefer that app which is highly rated .app ratings are the very first thing that users notice about an app and only on the basis of stars users make their mind to open app’s page and inquire more on that app. App ratings and reviews given by users make mind whether to download the app or not. This is not enough, app ratings not only boost downloads but also helps in ranking. 4/5 star ratings are considered as the good sign or a positive signal indicating a green light to app and 3/4 or below ratings suggest that app needs more work on its content. 3-4 or below ratings behave like yellow light which suggest that app is lagging behind in some aspect and need to improve itself on certain issues. The first thing user see is only app ratings. If ratings lie below 4 then it gives poor and miserable look of app while above 4 gives rich appearance, people go for further specifications only after seeing ratings .You get Android app. ratings to make your app ranks top or higher ratings which improve its visibility.

Why app ratings are considered as important-

Below given points will tell you in detail why ratings matter so much to an app and app developer’s too.

  • Build Goodwill

Ratings absolutely build good reputation, credibility or goodwill. Ratings represent quality, it’s very simple, for an instance whenever you search an app in the app store and you find there no. of similar apps and surely you will download the only one which has highest ratings among all. People basically don’t scroll down to see any other app if they already have the app in top list with best ratings and reviews. High app ratings boosts app ranking.

  • Attract more users

Higher ratings attract more users to download your app because 4-5 ratings represent quality features and this makes people more excited to download and try for at least once.

  • App ranking

Google Play Store or Apple both take ratings and reviews very seriously while counting for rankings of an app. ratings play great role for boosting app rank. The higher the ratings the higher your app ranks in the App store.

  • More of downloads

App ratings are the way through which potential customers are impressed, its impression at first sight. So it is necessary to receive higher ratings and positive reviews. An app developer should always try to receive higher rating along with positive and mind blowing reviews.  

There are various ways through which you improve ratings-

Users rating an app can easily influence your prospective users. Steps you take to improve your app rating must be rational and effective fully strategize in an effective manner. You can use below given methods to improve your app ratings and impress your prospective users.

  • Think positive of negative feedback

It’s really feels bad when you get low ratings from daily users. But app developer should not demotivate himself instead he should take it as an advice where he gets an opportunity to work on his app on criticised points in reviews to make it better . Most of app developers not response to negative reviews. This is not good it shows that app developer is arrogant and believes him to be the best every time instead he should reply in a friendly tone. App reviews should be dealt out carefully and proper address should be given to users query.

  • Focus on simplicity

Elegant usable and high rated apps are also very simple. Look wisely at your menus and action buttons too and focus what really wants from your app, provide that basic thing to your app which makes it complete, full, intact and positive.

  • Timely reply

Unattended or delayed responses are not a good sign for app’s growth. It’s more like a cloth is demanded and you are not able to supply it on time but you are also not giving any hint to customer or saying sorry that we don’t have and sorry for inconvenience. Customers get irritated when they are not given proper response and this causes loss. The results become miserable when your customer selects your rival company over you. Simply, you have to bind your customer and assure them that whatever is their request it will be fulfil as soon as possible. This short reply makes you humble as well as them more understandable. It creates a strong bond.

  • Your app should work fluently

Make ensure that your app has all essential requirements every great Android app is built on.  

  • Do not disturb

A developer should never irritate app users with pop-ups. Pop-ups really irritate in a very good manner and this causes more frustration and this frustration releases on app ratings and reviews. Developers should ask for giving reviews and rating in aver y calm tone without disturbing.

You can also ask your users to share rating on social media, this will help to users to reach at target market and target audience without even spending any sum.

  • You should test your app on different devices. Your app you can test on many devices, popular devices
  • Changes in playstore must be done

Use emojis next to the text. Well users love emojis and express their feeling also in it. Emojis express more and it is easy to understand also.

Change the submit button to reflect the mood of ratings. It looks more interesting.

Change the colour of ratings star. Like if for lower ratings colour should be red, red indicates danger while green for higher ratings, green indicates victory or success.  

  • Let users use your app before signing it. It works as promotion and your app will be tested by users and if they like they will download your app and rate well. Let them appreciate and see what your app has best to offer you.
  • Design a good looking rate my app plug-in

A simple way increases the chance to get your app rated. A well designed- attractive looking plug-in must be fixed with a clear ‘call to action’ will make much better impact on your users.

If you want instant action and want to boost the downloads. You can buy reviews and ratings from many companies out there but only you be sure about the company whether they provide real users rating or not. Never consider fake rating or reviews. It boosts your app instantly as soon as possible. Some companies’ names are given below-

  • Bestreviewapp
  • Applytics
  • Reviewapp4u
  • ASOTop1
  • Keenmobi
  • App-reviews
  • Buyappreviews
  • Appsuch
  • Appsally

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